We are the U.K. distributors of the original

Singlet Oxygen Energy device, invented,

crafted and built by the vision and passion

of our founder Tony Van Der Valk.

An ethical company, our aim is to support

 health and fitness professionals to provide their

 clients with access to this most natural of therapies.

Singlet Oxygen Energy


- The Original Since 1988

Providing Singlet Oxygen Energy and Activated Water

Energy Production Chamber

True health and wellness starts

with a strong, beating heart.

In the case of VALKION, this is represented by our unique Energy Production Chamber. (EPC).

Singlet Oxygen Energy

Inside the EPC, the natural

process of photosensitisation is replicated and Singlet Oxygen Energy is produced. (SOE).

Research & Studies


30 years worth of funding and development into the Valkion and Singlet Oxygen benefits have generated independant reports available here in PDF format.

Designed By Nature

Utilising The Power Of Nature And Bringing It To You Wherever You Are

The Original Since 1988


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