Singlet Oxygen Energy

Singlet Oxygen Energy

Harness a Force as Natural as Life Itself

We are all familiar with the process of photosynthesis, are you as familiar with the terms photosensitisation and Singlet Oxygen Energy?

For a small fraction of a second during the photosensitisation process an oxygen molecule destabilises and becomes Singlet Oxygen. This occurs when one of the molecule's electrons starts spinning in the opposite direction and rotating in a wider arc before returning to its original position.

When it does so, what is known as Singlet Oxygen Energy (SOE) is emitted.

Although the lifetime of Singlet Oxygen can be measured in thousandths of a second, the energy released can be quite significant. In nature, we have witnessed the regenerative properties of SOE in relation to plant growth. That observation led VALKION's founder, Tony van der Valk, to consider th effects SOE might have on humans.  Who says great ideas don't grow on trees? Oxygen. Pure, simple and one of the building blocks of all life on earth.

The VALKION has the ability to replicate photosensitisation and to harness the resulting energy.

The VALKION delivers Singlet Oxygen Energy in the safety and comfort of your own environment.

The VALKION is able to activate water with Singlet Oxygen Energy - you can also drink it's benefits.

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